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      主题 : How to Write a Research Paper
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      How to Write a Research Paper

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      How to Write a Research Paper
      First, Pick Your Topic
      1. Try to pick a topic.
      2. Once you have a topic, you needto narrow it down to something more manageable. For example, you are assignedto write a 10-page paper, and you decide to have the topic of Ancient Egypt.However, Ancient Egypt is too big for your 10-page paper. So you have to focuson something more specific.
      Second, Find references
      1. Go to library. Use the electroniccatalog or browse the shelves to look for books on your topic. If you find abook that is useful, check the bibliography (list of sources) in the back ofthat book for other books or articles on that topic.
      2. Find on the internet. There ismuch useful information on the internet. Some papers, journals and books areopen access. You need not pay for these sources. You could visit this journal SciencePG. The websitehas many categories of referring journals.
      Third, organize Your Ideas
      Write down all the main ideas inyour mind. Avoid any repetition.
      Fourth, write a Draft
      A paper should at least includefour parts: Introduction, keywords, main body, conclusion.
      Fifth, write a bibliography
      Abibliography is a list of the sources you used to get information for yourreport. It is the last part of your paper. f9W:-00QD  
      At last, revise the draft
      Make sure thereis no any grammar mistake or spelling mistake in the paper. And Pay attentionto the format. If the paper is disordered, it’s a hard work for readers. By theway, you could send your paper to someone, they will help you to reformat, likeJoanna from this journal I know. <qwf"Ey东方彩票平台